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Benefits of simple logo designs

Your business logo represents your business, i.e., is the face of your company. Needless to say, as you carry out brand awareness campaigns with logo-accompanied experience, most of your targeted audience will begin to associate your logo and your brand, and this will yield either positive or negative results depending with the type of logo you use. Thus, to be on the safe side, it is advisable to use a free logo maker software to come up with a simple logo that speaks volumes about you, and to convince you on this specific fact, we have compiled a list of some of the main benefits of using simple logo designs.


  1. Simple logo equals to good brand design and lasting impressions:


Logo designs like Nike Swoosh, CNN and IBM, have not only been successful but have also proven the fact that simplicity in many different ways is the way to go. According to analysts, many consumers usually prefer going for brand names and logos that are easy to memorize and remember as opposed to those that have complicated names and complex logo designs. A simple logo is easy to absorb, understand and most importantly recall when you see it again.


  1. Simple logo equals more referrals and better association:

If your logo design is enough to be remembered by any client who comes across it, and in one way or another passes genuine information about the positive values of your business, then people who are impressed by your brand can easily describe it to others. In the process, many more clients will be able to know of your existence and visit your store to confirm the positive experience customer experience being advocated.



  1. Simple logo equals easy recognition:

When you come across the initials CNN, you will immediately think of the international news network that is watched across the world. The famous Nike Swoosh will make you think of the different sportsmen and women around the globe in a matter of seconds. The kind of logo you use will determine whether clients easily recognize your brand or not. A simple logo will always be identified easily from the corner of your clients’ eye while a complicated one will require some explanation and if need be, a reminder from time to time before it sticks to the mind.


Generally, there are lots of benefits associated with simple logo designs, especially in the current digital era. Today’s clients prefer working with simple brands that are not complicated and are easy to remember.  Thus, to effectively fit in, simplicity is key.